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Если бы вас на паре английского попросили за 15 минут написать предложения, с участием эмоций, изображенных на картинке с двумя головами, что бы вы написали?

А вот что написал Сухов Ваня:

In 2817 world couldn’t be a better place than it was, if people weren’t so clever and lazy. It started when people began to cut out their appendix as useless organs, then they’ve created lots of androids to do all their work. Year after year people were doing less and less job, and they were just creating robots. Finally people’s muscles were so bad that they couldn’t even move their body and, as you already can imagine, they’ve cut off their bodies and kept only head.

People’s life became so boring that world government decided to create some worldwide competition.
It was very difficult mission, because everyone was very clever, and didn’t have bodies. But finally they remembered that they’ve got mouths and a couple boxes of fresh frozen cherry. There wasn’t any greenery on the earth, so these boxes of cherry were really expensive. And also they remembered that scientists kept their had on heats, and because all people were rich, the price was a pair of hands; they were useless, but expensive as a souvenir from the past.

So, here’s the competition they’ve created. Every month special commission was choosing one head it wanted, no one knew which factors they use to choose, but at the end of the year there were 12 precedents on a pair of hands. Then, on a special stadium 12 precedents were given 8 iron little legs like spider legs and little cherry was put in their mouths, and the first who cross the finish line with a cherry usually only one, and sometimes no one crossed the line, because everyone wanted cherry, and the track was rather difficult.
The year I’m telling you about was special. There were 2 heats who reached the final km to the finish. The first head had been training all his life and showed awesome performance, and the second head was absolutely awful, it was moving very slow and sometimes stopped and was thinking about eating cherry.

Finally the first head crossed the finish line, everyone were screaming his name, he was very happy. All heads had been waiting for the second head, and finally it had come. After some minutes came the judges, and everyone were shocked after their speech, they’ve told: “And the winner iiiiiis…The Second Head!!!”
The first head couldn’t even say anything, and the judges gave hands to the second head and left, and no one have ever seen them anymore.

Everyone were discussing it years and years after it happened. It became the main question of the life, because the answer on a question about meaning of the life had been already found. When the second head was dying he told on the TV that he won that competition because his father was a judge, it was so simple, everyone were shocked again. And when John Bradson had found it out, one thought came to his mind, but he forgot , that he was at work at that moment, he worked at the biggest nuclear station in the world. Robot understood wrong his thought and pushed the button which activated self-destruct. It was the last moment of the life on Earth. Everything could go well, if people weren’t so clever and didn’t create mind-control.

P.S. John’s thought was: “Life’s so unfair. When finally everyone would be equal?”

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