Cold Vengeance

таки вышла 02/08, это уже вторая часть трилогии о Хелен, а в АСТ по прежнему все тухло. Если они до конца этого года сподобятся выпустить хотя бы Cemetery Dance, я под звуки какого-нибудь дэт-металла съем свою бейсболку. Престон чайлд cold vengeance
Престон и Чайлд прислали через сайт очередную ржачную рассыклку, на этот раз от лица Корри Свенсон, "задававшей вопросы Пендергасту". Cold vengeance
Гурман, батенька, однако.
Favorite color: A light-ish off beige with just a blush of pink. (Ha ha, that’s a joke. What else would it be but dead black?)

Favorite food: P. is generally a pretty finicky eater, but he can scarf down blini au caviar like a Red Sox fan guzzling beer at Fenway Park when the Sox are down five to the Yanks in the bottom of the eighth. He also likes steak tartare and something called foie gras de canard roti. (I hope I got that spelled right. His back was to me when he mentioned it.)

Favorite drink: When I asked him, he said immediately, “the 1931 Quinta do Noval Nacional Oporto.” Then he added that he recently drank an excellent bottle of 1945 Château Latour under “curious circumstances.” When I read Cold Vengeance, I was horrified at the “curious circumstances.” My God!

Favorite Opera: None. “Opera is a vulgar spectacle for those who require stomping, shouting, and arm waving in order to enjoy a piece of music.”

Favorite piece of music: Beethoven’s final piano sonata, No. 32, Opus 111, played by Alfred Brendel, whoever he is.

Favorite quotation: ‘When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.’ Mark Twain.

Favorite place: His library at 891 Riverside Drive. There’s also a mysterious room in his Dakota apartment that he spends a lot of time in but has never let me see.

Favorite book: I don’t know, but I can tell you it sure isn’t the collected works of Preston & Child. When I showed him a copy of Cold Vengeance he hefted it and said, “I believe the late William Smithback might have remarked: this is what God invented shredders for.”

Favorite restaurant: I heard him mention a place in Paris called L’Ambroisie. He said that, by coincidence, it was Eli Glinn’s favorite restaurant as well. I’m not sure who Eli Glinn is but the coincidence didn’t seem to please Agent P.

A joke I heard Pendergast laugh at: I’ve never heard Pendergast laugh. I’m not sure he’s anatomically equipped to do so. But I did see him smile approvingly when somebody quoted: “A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”

Pet peeve: When I asked him, he said, “At the moment, it is this inane list you are preparing.”

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