"To me, from a musical aspect, hip hop is going into the direction where its almost damn near 100% on everything besides the music, what you look like, the sound of your name, to what you're wearing, the brand of clothing, whatever intoxicants you choose to put in your body, everything except what the music sounds like. So the mask is really a testament to yo, it's not about none of that, it’s straight about the wreck. You could be any color or whatever you know what I'm saying? The mask represents everybody to say that yo, nothing matters, the brand of clothing, none of that matters, it's about how you spit and how the beats is raw, thats what it's about." -MF DOOM


Dj Food Stamp - "Best of Doom". В этом сладком миксе собраны лучшие работы MF Doom ('91-'06), включая ранний KMD материал.

1. KMD - 'Peachfuzz'
2. Substance Abuse feat. DOOM - 'Profitless Thoughts'
3. KMD feat. Brand Nubian - 'Nitty Gritty'
4. M.F. DOOM - 'Yee Haw'
5. KMD - 'Gasface Refill'
6. Jon Doe feat. M.F. DOOM - 'The Mic Sounds Nice'
7. KMD - 'Sweet Premium Wine'
8. KMD - 'What A Niggy Know'
9. M.F. DOOM - 'My Favorite Ladies (Stamp Live Mix)'
10. M.F. DOOM - 'My Favorite Ladies (Stamp Blend)'
11. M.F. DOOM - 'Rhymes Like Dimes'
12. Prince Paul feat. M.F. DOOM - 'People, Places, And Things'
13. Viktor Vaughn - 'Rae Dawn'
14. Madvillain - 'America's Most Blunted'
15. Madvillain - 'Accordion'
16. Monster Island Czars feat. M.F. DOOM, M.F. Grimm - 'Run The Sphere'
17. M.F. DOOM - 'Doomsday'
18. Viktor Vaughn - 'Mr. Clean'
19. KMD - 'Plumskinzz'
20. M.F. DOOM - 'The M.I.C.'
21. M.F. DOOM feat. Kurious - '?' -
22. M.F. DOOM - 'Change The Beat (Stamp Blend)'
23. Scienz of Life feat. M.F. DOOM - 'Yikes'
24. Madvillain - 'Figaro'
25. M.F. DOOM - 'Live @ Scribble Jam 2003'
26. M.F. DOOM - 'Gas Drawls'
27. Black Moon - 'How Many Emcees Must Get Dissed (Stamp Blend)'
28. M.F. DOOM - 'All Outta Ale'
29. M.F. DOOM - 'Is He Ill?'
30. M.F. DOOM feat. Count Bass D - 'Potholderz'
31. Monster Island Czars feat. King Ghidra - 'Mic Line'
32. Wale Oyejide feat. M.F. DOOM - 'This Is Dedicated To'
33. Slug, Aesop Rock, & M.F. DOOM - 'Put Your Quarter Up'
34. De La Soul feat. M.F. DOOM - 'Rock Co.Kane Flow'
35. Pharcyde - 'Passin' Me By (Stamp Blend)'
36. Semi.Official feat. M.F. DOOM - 'Songs In The Key Of Strife'
37. Vast Aire feat. M.F. DOOM - 'Da Superfriendz'

Download - ~100 MB / 192Kbps

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