New Years Resolutions – Part 1 Letting Go of the Old

One cannot make resolutions unless one lets go of the old stuff which has led one to want to make resolutions in the first place.

One must also let go of all the old stuff one does not want to take with them into the new year.

Since I have just spent the past five/six months in a bit of lassitudic funk, I've decided I need to leave that behind, get my act together and get something done.


1. Improve my motivation.

That alone should improve my chances of actually accomplishing the stuff on my global To Do list. (I love To Do lists, especially when written on the back of used envelopes.)

And therefore:

2. Update my Global To Do list for 2008 and actively work on the projects therein.

On this list is finishing up "Troth of the Dark" (aka the Designated Project), and finish the ballad, "More Than Just a Face". This latter project is a bit more daunting, because, unlike the DP, this is actually for someone.

Now, since "the beginning of a journey begins with the first step," blah, blah, blah:

3. Give more weight to the little things.

IOW: Flylady is right. I need to lace up my shoes and set a routine. I got into Flylady last year (or was it the year before) and fluttered along. But I've gone a bit slack (oh, really, Sherlock?). Time to go shine my sink.

So I've re-created my Control Journal (not that I remember to look at it every day), have established something of an evening routine (which has about five step, some of which annoy me from time to time or even get skipped). But the dishes are getting done regularly, and I've been diligent about Friday Mop Day.

But I need to remember the little things throughout the day. I need to consciously think about the food I eat, remembering, with every bite, my weight-loss goals. I need to fidget more to up my metabolism, as well as the five or ten minutes of spontaneous exercise. I need to sit down and run scales on the piano for a minute or so on a frequent basis. I need to tweak stuff and put a thing away and speak a little softer, and remember to look at my lists.

4. More stick-to-it-iveness. Again, with the motivation thing and interia thing.

Whoa. Where did those resolutions come from?

First, letting go of things:

I've gotta let go of this tendency to drift towards chaos. I find it hard to dredge up the energy to kick-start whatever it is I want to do. Once I've started, everything's fine. It's just that primary inertia. Sometimes's it even painful.

(Exercise is painful. Always has been. To those people who tell me that if it hurts, I'm doing it wrong, kindly inform me why even walking hurts. Even as a child walking to school, it hurt. I hate exercise, but I need it.)

I've got to abandon the fear dread of getting into unpleasant things. If exercise is gonna hurt, I've got to grit my teeth and go to it without a second thought. I detest making phone calls because of too many weeks (one is too many) of working a cold call centre. But instead of combating my dread and steeling myself, I should just leap in and get the task over and done with. None of this, "I'll talk myself into it." Because, if given the choice, I'll opt into the easy road.

And the usual "letting go of things of the past and starting with a clean slate" sort of thing.

Release the worry of the failures of the past. Either forget them completely, or set goals so that the failure doesn't occur next year (and then let the recollection of the failure drift into the nebulous recesses of my memory).

Next: Know Thyself

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