Vadim Vassilenko Jailed 68 Month, Still No Trial.

A heartbroken mother of the Ukrainian businessman Vadim Vassilenko, 44, raised money to pay Arnold Aerial to pull a 100-foot-long banner: MY SON V.VASSILENKO JAILED 68 MONTH –NO TRIAL, IS HE AL CAPONE?

On February 15,2006 V.Vassilenko was arrested on charges such as operating check-cashing and money transfer business without a license and since then he is still being held on upgrading charges.

Vassilenko says: “ My first Attorney Robert Babayev (718-569-5555), Anthony Lombardino (718-842-7272), Mike Rosen were not familiar with internet related activities at all, but took the money without hesitation. Then I hired Attorney Daniel Gotlin (212-966-5897), who says that if I settled with the prosecutors, there will be no other charges.”

Vassilenko settled in December 21,2006 for 2-6 years in state prison only to find out later that there is another secret indictment was unsealed at the day he supposed to be deported to Ukraine on October 23, 2007.

Attorney D.Gotlin decided not to take Vassilenko’s case, but negotiated a settlement for Vassilenko’s wife to one charge concurrent with immediate deportation. Vassilenko was signed a court appointed Attorney Seema Iyer (212-255-8153), but later raised some money to hire Attorney John DeMaio (212-250-1108). DeMaio walked away from this case on August 3, 2011 because according to V.V. DeMaio was not allowing be paid 136 thousand dollars for his job from Vassilenko’s corporate funds.

On August 10, 2011 V. was signed another court appointed Attorney Rich Loving (917-696-1487).

Vassilenko says:” It was impossible to study this case even in a year by one attorney unless he is Benjamin Brafman. I tried to be reasonable with the Government, I have written to the judge enough to publish a book explaining my position, but I was treated without respect by the system.

No Miranda Rights when I was arrested. No Ukrainian Consul was invited, my statements were reduced to 90%. My collection of gold coins was not listed anywhere in the discovery. Attorney Babayev was paid 49 thousand, but two months later refused to give me back any refund for ledgers and settled me if I B.S. with him I will find my 3-years old son in foster care.

Vassilenko says: “The Government seized more than 700 thousand dollars which I owned to banks and my customers. My unrelated to the charges businesses were destroyed. My legal paper work was seized from my prison cell on December 10, 2009 without a court warrant.

The Government tried to say that I mailed a false bombe from Rikers Island, as a result I was deriding to send outgoing mail.
The commissary account was debited to the last penny on March 2, 2010.

On October 19, 2010 Correctional Officer Diaz (batch number 15117) planted a knife into my cell, but was court about the event.

Judge Maxwell Wiley was not allowed me to talk in my defense in August 23, 2011 even for 5 minutes.

So I cut my body on the 5th Anniversary of my arrested written on the wall that according US Constitution I entitled for a speedy trial.”

Vassilenko’s immigration Attorney Merrill Cohen (212-499-6644) written to Judge Maxwell Wiley asking for leniency, that V.V. obtained his Green Card as a person with Extraordinary Ability in Business (I-194 form)

Vassilenko built a successful business by processing payrolls for remote employers for American companies oversees. Vassilenko was a market maker providing liquidity for buyers and sellers of digital currency such as E-Gold and Web-money. Both activities not regulated by US Government, but district attorney John Bandler and his boss Antonia Merson (212-355-3541) recently demanded up to 45 years sentence if plea guilty to all charges.

Next court is on December 14, 2011.

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